Get ready to completely pwn some demon zombies!


Mow through hordes of crazy ravenous demons from hell!

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Get messy and red with your demon zombie kill skills!

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Get your buck morris on and start firing your unlimited ammo shotgun!

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The Story of Buck Morris

A Zombie virus has infected the denizens of Hell where the demons are starting to turn into rotting flesh and corrupting their evil spirits. The Demon Zombies are losing their mind's and their ability to think clearly about evil plans, instead they have only one thought: spread the virus to all living and non-living things. Somehow these new breed of Demons have been able to break out of Hell's confines and are starting to move towards the surface of the planet which will wreck havoc on all of the surface people.

Buck Morris felt the disturbance in the planets crust and immediately began preparing for battle with his trusty shotgun! Locating the first of many places that have been overrun with Demon Zombies, he travels to the next demon infestation that will be broken through by the single-minded rotting Demon horde. The location is in the dark depths of an old castle dungeon, below it's foundation.

Can you help Buck Morris stem the tide of the Demon Zombie Horde coming to the surface?

Buck Morris awaits you...

Whats Coming?

Unlimited Shotgun
Available Now
Local High Scores
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Ammo Types
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Online High Scores
Coming Soon
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New Level Packs
Future Feature
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Power Ups
Future Feature
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Online Store
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Future Feature
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Legacy Game
Same old graphics but with the new engine, menus, and bugs fixed.

Our Favourite Reviews

Mac App Store
You guys are onto a brilliant game here. Simple, easy to understand (Blast anything that moves) but a lot of fun. Great timewaster.
Mac App Store
If I could rate this infinite stars, I TOTALLY WOULD. This is the best, and I mean THE BEST, free game on the app store. It's simple, it's easy to play, the controls are simple, and it's good for wasting time
Buck Morris Jr
Mac App Store
This third person shooter is beyond words. With the latest update I feel like I’m actually IN the game absolutely DOMINATING these Demon Zombies. Just today I was playing this game in class, and as a was sweating profusely, I thought to myself “Jee I haven’t reloaded yet.” Then it dawned on me - God blessed Buck Morris and his shotgun with UNLIMITED AMMO. Nothing says FunFun quite like dome-shotting Demon Zombies straight back to where those homeboys came from - Satan’s playground. Honestly, the message behind this game is the most profound and legendary lesson we can all take away and utilize in life. I personally want to thank the creators of this game, my mom, and most importantly - Buck Morris himself for making Demon Zombie slaying a realistic pastime. This game changed my life in so many ways. Thank you. Slay on.